Arrival to London

by courtneyanddaniel

Daniel and I made it to London after a long flight of little sleep.  We got on our extremely large chicken and were excited about our extra legroom, but were disappointed as we didn’t see the tv.  Come to find out, ours folded down under our seat.  We know this as the knob you had to pull was taking up a good 3″ of our seat….  There was beverage service, trash, dinner, trash, “is everyone okay?!”, wait a few minutes, start klinking the dishes for breakfast, beverages, breakfast, trash, landing.  I’m know sure how that took 6 hours, but it did.  Anyways, we survived that.

I am now putting away stuff in my closet amidst the typing.

Jonny met us at Heathrow.  (Thanks, Jonny!)  He brought us by the tube to the Crofton.  Nonetheless, all 3 of us looked like packmules moving upstream to the tourists.  Damn tourists 🙂

We had all sorts of useless meetings about I don’t know what.  We had a tour of our area…like we were supposed to remember where to go places when we’re all jetlagged.  My flighty RA, who was leading the tour, almost got hit by a double decker bus, among other things.

My room is nice.  My roommate doesn’t get here til Friday.  I live on a racetrack (aka, Queen’s Gate Rd).  From my window, I see the front of RCM.  My shower is a closet.  As long as I look at the glass door, I’m fine.  Otherwise, I think I’d hyperventilate.  Nonetheless, my shower took <5 minutes this morning.  Needless to say, I won’t be shaving my legs in the shower.

I woke up at 8:30 this morning, not unusually tired.  I put away more stuff and then enjoyed a yummy Nature Valley granola bar with Daniel.  We ate a light breakfast (not our yummy bacon we have to cut ourselves) as we knew we were getting free food at noon.

Between our stupid meetings, we went to Pret, something to the equivalent of Au Bon Pain back in the US.  Good thing we didn’t eat when we were there as we got free sandwiches from them at lunch (which were of the yummy variety).

Now that I have finished putting away my clothes, I’ll be finding Daniel.  We’re going to go get him a phone and to the store to get the rest of our stuff for our avocado salad.  Hopefully some practice time and then some iconic London sightseeing (i.e., Big Ben, London Bridge which hopefully hasn’t fallen down, etc.).

I’ll post pictures soon… hopefully.  Perhaps Daniel will even contribute.