We went down Drury Lane!

by courtneyanddaniel

So yesterday we saw a bunch of stuff.  I don’t even remember at this point because yesterday goes with today so well.  It was pretty stuff.  I’ll look back at it at some point because obviously I have to know it for my tests.

Today we went to Covent Garden and the Somerset House.  Also the National Opera House (?)  There was this string quintet playing at the Covent Garden market.  It was rather hilarious as they were, in fact, in tune and entertaining!  They’d corner random people as they were passing by and dance.  One of the violinist actually followed this little old lady.  The little old lady didn’t clue in that she was being followed so when she got to a restaurant, she thought she was turning to talk to her husband about going to this particular place but got an earful of violin instead.  Quite amusing.

We also saw the Thames.  Nasty little thing.  It makes the Charles look nice.

We passed through Trafalgar Square where they had the big lions (my camera card was full by this point) and also saw Big Ben.  I was rather disappointed with Big Ben from a distance.  Hopefully up close’ll be better.  The London Eye was also in the area.  I’m not sure I’d like doing that all too much seeings that heights kind of scare me miserably.

Speaking of which, the escalators at some of the tube stations are horrendous!  I think some of them extend 3 or more stories and go 35 MPH.  I’m usually the one staring at the step I’m standing on, not looking up or down.

We also crossed Drury Lane today.  I was very disappointed when I didn’t see the Muffin Man.

I came back and slept this afternoon after making/eating lunch.  I feel slightly better, maybe?

Tomorrow we still have class.  I guess that’s okay since we enjoy the class and we get to venture out.  I’ve been wanting to venture out but haven’t really felt up to it.  I sent Daniel out for a Netti Pot and eucalyptus oil.  This herbalist approach better work as Sudafed has worked like sugar.  Very disappointing.

Oh, I guess Daniel and I went to Whole Foods the other day.  It is way more awesome than Whole Foods in the US (considering it is a UK based company).  They had grocery cart escalators!  You pushed your cart through and it took it down to the next level while you rode the human escalator along side.  Pecans (pronounced “puh-kahns”) were outrageously expensive at 12 pounds per kilo.  They also had Brianna’s salad dressing, made in Brenham!  The cheese room smelled like feet.  The wine selection was extensive and helpful.

Tonight is guacamole night as our avocados are finally ripe.  Quesadilla night is coming soon.  Our meals are kind of based on whatever meat has been reduced for quick sale.  I also highly recommend whole wheat pasta as it actually fills you without eating the whole bag.  5 times the fiber of the regular kind!

Back to architecture.

Oh, if you’d like pictures, check out the album on facebook at http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2027959&id=1555020029&l=3ae7c66d0b

It was taking forever to upload them from my camera to this blog.