Post from September 1

by courtneyanddaniel

Below is a post from September 1.  I accidentally deleted it so you may or may not have already read it.

Daniel and I have been busy lately exploring our area grocery stores.  We have Sainsbury’s (which is kind of like Publix or HEB meets Target without the clothes), Partidge’s (which is gourmet and expensive, also has Duncan Hines cakemixes for 6 pounds each), Whole Foods (the original is waay better), and Waitrose (food is slightly better than Sainsbury’s but without the household junk).  All are within walking distance too!
We’ve managed to find awesome deals like angus beef patties for 10p each and pork patties for 35p each.  The beef patties were amazing but the pork ones weren’t my favorite.  We’ve also found huge loaves of bread for a pound each.  Basically, eating out of the clearance section in Kensington isn’t too bad.

We’ve also been crazy busy with our architecture class.  The class consumes me.  It’s taxing in the sense that we do it everyday so we’re all tired and haven’t got the time (or energy) to explore on our own.  I guess we have 3 more months to do that!

Daniel reminded me today that we hadn’t seen the musical “Wicked” yet.  The way he said made me think we had been here forever, not just a week.

I’m FINALLY over my cold which is great as I can breathe out of my nose!  I think I was just allergic to Boston.  Good thing I’m not there!!

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