Suuuuuch a long day

by courtneyanddaniel

So aside from not being at a Friday night football game and not listening to lame speeches about how wonderful the football team is, watching the cheerleaders do the same dance they did last week, today was a long day for me.

It got off on the wrong start as I had taken a shower last night, leaving me with an extra half hour to sleep this morning.  I kind of felt dirty and gross….

Anyways, I made chocolate cinnamon egged toast (it’s not French, for all you patriots out there) and spread strawberry jam across it.  YUM.  On the way to class, Daniel and I were stuck in every traffic jam possible (the un-YUM jam).  It is possible to get stuck in a traffic jam in Kensington when on foot.  Drivers don’t tend to mind the crosswalks when they are stuck in traffic.  Therefore, we ended up taking the long route to get to the BU building.  Yes, it was only about 1/10 of a mile longer, but when you are unfamiliar, it takes a lot longer!

We listened to Caroline’s lecture until about 11 o’clock this morning then we had our coffee break before taking the tube to Westminster pier.  Daniel and I decided to follow the crowd and went to a place we refer to as “The Forum”.  Not exactly sure what the place is actually called.  Anyways, we order and get to the register only to find out they don’t take plastic.  We have to run down the block to the ATM and run back to get our colder coffee and ham/cheese croissant.  Then we go back down to the tube.  All of this didn’t really make me want to go on a group field trip.

We take the tube to Westminster pier where we take a boat trip down the nasty little Thames to Greenwich.  As long as I think about getting rocked to sleep and not being on a boat, things aren’t bad.  At Greenwich, we visited the Old Royal Naval College and the Royal Observatory.  I was at the prime meridian!

What really wasn’t helping the situation was the I was off taking a picture of London from the top of the giant hill we had climbed.  Then I was called over to take a group picture and ran.  Daniel then grabbed me and lifted me since I am short and had ran to the back of the picture.  In the process, he hit both of our heads on the large metal sculpture with which we were having our picture made.  Not cool.

Inside the observatory was not my favorite place.  It had lots of stairs that you could see through and weren’t generally wide.  I also realized how much of a chronophobe I really am.  Is that really a term?  Regardless, I made it one just now.  People’s obsession with time just scares me.  After hyperventilation and tears, I was much better.

We had lunch at the observatory.  I had half a jam sandwich with onion and cheese crisps (my new favorite potato chip flavor), jello, and black currant/apple juice.  Daniel and I also split a piece of chocolate banana loaf cake.  Food made me lots better.

At least until we went back down the hill and crossed the Thames via a tunnel underneath it.  It was narrow.  It was cold and damp.  The air was thin.  I stared at the ground the entire time reminding myself that I would in fact see trees, the sun, and air on the other side.

Then I think I was fine.

We were now in the area of London called Canary Wharf.  This area was developed by a Canadian-based group in the late 1980s as the Brits were afraid to start anything themselves.  The wharf was used as a dock for many incoming ships from the 1800s but had pretty much died down since the 1950s and was closed down by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.  Plus it was in the Tower Hamlets borough of London (a traditionally poorer area) so why should this become a center for business?!

Anyways, I found this area to be quite relaxing for the eye as compared to most other parts of London.  Since this area was planned, the streets form square blocks and the buildings all compliment each other.  The tallest building in London (which is 774 ft tall) is located here (One Canada Square).

Daniel and I finished our journey here with Waitrose.  Except it was Super Waitrose.  It had lots of clothes!  Like Target, only more upscale.  Anyways, it made me happy.

Tonight we enjoyed bean and beef flautas for supper.

All joking aside, I really like London.  It’s waaaay better than Boston.  I find London to almost be a European Texas as there is such a variety of people, cultures, foods, and places.  What makes it Texas?  The people are nice.  Oh, and political correctness isn’t mandatory.

Oh, and school teachers of America, don’t teach the Obama-ness.  And school administrators of America, don’t require your children to watch the broadcast.