Saturday Morning

by courtneyanddaniel

Good morning, Saturday!

I woke up this morning thinking how awful it was of me to sleep so late.  I sat up and looked at my clock on my computer to discover it was only 9:00 AM.  PHEW!  Anyways, I read the news for a bit and then finally decided to come into the kitchen on the big comfy leatherette couch we have.

First, I enjoyed a cup of English breakfast tea with milk.   I prepared my chocolate cinnamon egged toast and spread it with strawberry jam.  And, voila!  Enjoy!

I suppose I’m going to go take a shower.  Daniel and I are supposed to go do laundry today.  That really scares me.  What’s wrong with free laundry?!

To recap last night, Daniel and I left The Crofton at about 10 o’clock.  We walked down the High Street looking in shop windows.  The only thing open was a Tesco Metro.  It was like a smaller grocery store but it almost had a wider variety of products than some of the larger stores.  I tried two British candies: the penguin bar and flake.  I loved the penguin bar, but flake just tasted like crumbly cheap chocolate.  Daniel and I also bought a box of Crunchy Oat Clusters, a new cereal here by Kelloggs.  It’s delicious!  I highly recommend it should they start selling it in the US.

I guess I should stop watching my cooking show and go be productive.