It’s another grey day in London…

by courtneyanddaniel

After a few days of complaining about my contact rx, I decide to look at my last contact order.  Well, come to find out, when you have the wrong lens in the wrong eye, you really can’t see well out of either.  How to solve that problem? Put the correct rx in the correct eye and, voila, you can see.

It appears the last time I wrote anything before this morning was Saturday, so let’s test my memory.

Saturday afternoon: Daniel and I became official members of the libraries of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  I think that’s special.  I check out 2 books, exactly 2 more books than I have ever checked out from the Boston Public Library system…I’m also a member there, too.  I blame it on the T not being reliable enough for me to know when and how long I’m going to be gone.

Sunday: Still filled with paper writing for our architecture class.  I decided I was done and went to the Thames River Festival.  A good chunk of it involved waiting for Matt’s brother, but then we saw a parade and then some really awesome fireworks.  The cool thing about the parade was seeing an array of cultures in more of their original form, performed by people who actually might come from the culture.  Not like in America where, oh, they might have belonged to that culture…7 generations ago.

Monday: Went over to the BU library and printed our papers.  Turned those in.  Made lunch, went to a meeting over at RCM, went to the Oxfam store on High Street.  I’m kind of in love with the Oxfam store here, except I have to find a new one as I’m not as skinny as the clothes there would like me to be.  It’s not that I’m grossly overweight, it’s just that I’m not a size 2, straight up and down, with no hips.  Dear hips, please be gone so I can shop at the awesome Oxfam store.  I figure if I try another one of their locations, there might be more normal sized people clothes.  Oh, I got a new keychain as my other one broke and a little coin purse.  One came from Indonesia, made by people, and the other from, errr, I don’t know.  But I think both are handmade and I helped the family buy a goat.  It’s a win win situation.

Tuesday: I got up at 6:45.  I was supposed to be making Daniel breakfast as his audition is at 9:50 (approximately 1 hour from now), but I ended up napping on the couch while he made breakfast.  I did clean the kitchen afterward though.  He said that was a fair trade.  Now Daniel is over at RCm and I am getting ready to go on some form of jog.  I don’t officially have to be anywhere til 3, and that’s not required, and my practice room is checked out for 8-10 tonight.