Slooow internet connections = frustrated students

by courtneyanddaniel

I get so frustrated with the internet connection here.  Somehow “England” is British for “really bad internet connections”.  I believe it has something to do with the fact that we don’t have floating IP addresses here and that we all use the same one.  So, from my understand…ha, everyone uses the same internet connection.  Basically, imagine 100 people trying to talk to their mommies at home and watch Grey’s Anatomy at the same time on one internet connection.  Clearly, it’s not going to move fast.

Today was an interesting day, I suppose.  I got up, had my shower and breakfast (half a bagel with strawberry jam and some form of yogurt that was on sale last week at Sainsburys), and ran over to RCM to warm up at 9 this morning.  It was my first day of chorus in a long time.  Yes, I sang.  Anyways, at RCM all first and second year students have to be in chorus.  I think they put the BU kids in there assuming that we’re on the same level as them or something.  Yes, it’s a good experience as only about a dozen of them are actually vocal primary studies.

I ended up next to the girls who were actually voice students.  Therefore, I could sing out but still not be heard.  Score.

After that was lunch.  Taco pie.  Made in my 66 pence 8″ cake pan.  Layers of stale taco shells, taco meat (yes, with cumin this time, not the Old El Paso stuff they call yummy here), Mexicana cheese (which appears to be some form of cheese with peppers in it), salsa (homemade by yours truly), and refried beans.  Great, but it gave me heartburn.

Lunch was over so I took my daily lunch-is-over nap which ended up lasting til about 4.  Oops.  And I had heartburn from taco pie.

I had dinner, though I don’t remember what.  Oh, it was pizza.  But it’s not greasy because cardboard doesn’t have grease.

I got ready for my audition whilst the pizza was convection-ovening-away.

Went to the audition.  It was okay.  It wasn’t great.  It was okay.  I survived.  And then I had a glass of wine and sat on the stairs talking to Stephan, Devon, Matt, and Daniel.  Now I’m writing to you and going to post it later since I don’t have an internet connection at the moment.

Daniel’s out with boys.  It’s good for him, really.  I’m going to get ready for bed and curl up with the last 3 chapters of “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.  I find it rather enjoyable, especially since I know the shops and where she’s going since the book is based in London.

Oh, and I met my teacher.  He seems like a pretty okay kind of guy.  I’m excited to be studying with him.

I’m also excited that they have a department strictly for helping the RCM students with professional development.  In house.  Free of charge.  And you get paid for gigs they hook you up with.  Seriously, BU, get with the program.  But they help you with marketing, resume building, basically anything you want them to help you with.  I’ll be visiting there.