An update of Thursday and Friday.

by courtneyanddaniel

Let’s see.  What did I do Thursday?  Umm, What did I do yesterday, come to think of it?  Oh, wait, I had my pre-interview at RCM for that internship.  I’m not entirely sure I want to take said internship, should I get it, because I don’t really want to have engagements too far away from RCM too often.  Maybe I’ll just volunteer my services in some of the offices at RCM.  People always like free good help.  What else did I do?  Umm, oh, right.  Daniel and I went on our jog.  I found a work out plan that will have us running for 30 minutes continuously in just 6 weeks!  We’re still on week one where we run 1 minute, walk 1 minute.  We did 4 reps of that the other day.  Tomorrow (Saturday) I think it’s 5.

Today.  Friday.  I got up and cleaned my room a bit.  I was supposed to have class at RCM at 10:15.  Well, no, of course they got our schedules wrong and in fact have class at 10:45.  What a frustrating amount of time to have!  Oh, and a 10:45 class is miserable.  Too much of the day gone to do much, but not enough time to get much accomplished.  Then I had lunch, took a little nap (okay, so I might have made a drool lake on the couch, but I did wipe it up), and then practiced for a bit.  For dinner, I made turkey taco dip…yum!  It was a fridge cleaner meal.  Turkey breasts dry rubbed with taco seasoning (my own, not the British version), sauteed in onions, shred turkey, add can of refried beans, salsa, cheese, some cilantro, really whatever that one might consider Mexican.  Dip with chips.  Call it yummy.