So to round off the last 24 hours….

by courtneyanddaniel

My lesson with Dave Stewart yesterday afternoon was great.  We spent the hour working on some Bordogni exercises and will continue next week.  Yay!

I made food after that, baked chicken parts then dredged in some form of hot wing sauce (Thai Pepper honey… really hot), and then dipped them in the homemade blue cheese (they don’t sell bottled blue cheese here, so I really didn’t have much of an option).  That went well.

Daniel and I went to Sainsbury’s last night as I needed to get away from the Crofton for a while.  We bought a pineapple!  I strapped him in the kid part of the cart and Daniel pushed the buggy around.  It was fun.  I’m so glad he’s cooperative with my antics.

I went to bed at about 12:15 last night, past when I wanted to go to bed, but whatever.  I was fast asleep until about 4:30 this morning when we heard loud, forceful knocking on our door.  Sam’s bed is closer to the door so went and peeked out the peeper hole.  It was a gorgeous Metropolitan Police officer.  Hmm.  So knowing that we didn’t do anything bad, he was there for investigating.  Apparently someone (or something, it’s not clear) fell out of a 3rd story window (though that’s not clear either) last night at about 3:30.  He wanted to know if we’d heard any disturbances within the last hour.  I asked him the time and then proceeded to chuckle because I’d been asleep for at least 3 hours by that point.  He took our names and birthdates and kept going.  All of the rooms on our floor.  There were at least 4 police cars (hilarious decorated in fluorescent yellow reflective tape and red) outside my window.  I really hope everyone’s okay.  BU sure does owe us a good explanation.

I slept in this morning til about 8:30 when that pesky fiance of mine was knocking on my door because he wanted breakfast and the food is locked in my cabinet in my kitchen.  I had breakfast, made coffee, watched Will and Grace, and am now typing a blog entry.  I’m thinking about going over to Marble Arch as I am looking for warmer clothing.  People don’t excessively run the heat in this country (cough cough, BOSTON) so my summer apparel won’t make it until December here.  I’ll probably work on more theory and see about signing up for a practice room at RCM for this weekend, I mean, Sunday.

That’s all for now.