I’ve missed a few days.

by courtneyanddaniel

So here’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Err, Friday: Daniel and I had Alexander Technique, at different times.  We had breakfast together but then he went to class and I cleaned my room.  Then I went to class and he went to the Paxman factory to get some parts of his horn re-stuck on.  That afternoon, starting at about 2, we had rehearsals.  Until 9.  That would have been great, had I been playing in ensembles before then.  But instead, the last thing I played in was April.  And it was the Cornell.  So see, playing in ensembles was difficult.  Must get back on that bike and ride!

Saturday:  Err, it got off to a late start (almost 11 getting out the door) but we went and had our laundry done.  We had lunch.  Practiced some.  Read some.  Went for a jog in Hyde Park.  It was so pretty!  I’ll elaborate more on that because it’s basically the only thing exciting that happened during the day.  We finally found the Serpentine!  In case you don’t know, it’s just a wiggly creek that runs through Hyde Park.  Anyways, we were so far to the center of the park, it didn’t actually feel like we were in the city anymore.  We went jogging up the slight hill from the Serpentine and we were running into the really strong wind.  It was such a great feeling!  Appreciating the wind is much easier in the city, because you don’t get all the natural elements of being outdoors all the time.

After jogging was food.  It wasn’t memorable, considering I don’t remember now, less than 24 hours ago.  Then theory homework.  Bah.

Sunday:  Today.  Daniel and I hit the practice rooms at 10 this morning.  Unfortunately this is the best time to get to the practice rooms on the weekend because a) RCM is closed on Saturday and b) all the RCM students are likely hungover from Saturday, thereby not practicing early Sunday morning.  Then we had lunch.  I had leftover Pad Thai with 2 eggs scrambled in.  Egg-fried Pad Thai, maybe?  I made Daniel eat some other leftovers.  He was thrilled.  Tonight for dinner I think we’re having black bean croquettes.  Hmm.  We’re on a black bean kick as they are cheap protein.  BUT IT”S NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR BEEF, CHICKEN, OR PORK!!  I don’t have beef, chicken, or pork for longer than one day.  I get cranky.

So anyways.  I suppose we should work more on our theory homework.  BAH.