It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn…

by courtneyanddaniel

And thank goodness I’m not in Boston.  Snow?  Really?  You poor souls stuck in Boston.  With snow.  I think I almost want to start a countdown of days-Courtney-has-left-to-live-in-Boston.    At least pick a planned departure date and get really excited about that.  That’ll give me something to look forward to.

I’m working on sorting out my life, too.  I guess I’ve just come to that age where you actually have to consider what you want to do during the next chapter and not just spout lofty plans.  Here are a few things I’ve considered:

  • Moving to Switzerland and working as a pastry maker or chocolatier.  I’d like to do that, not forever, but at least for a few months.
  • Going to grad school.  Number 1 on my list is NYU.  A trip to the Big Apple for a few days during spring break is in the making.  Or maybe even during one of those many 3-day weekends BU likes to provide.
  • I also dappled with the idea of being a hired housekeeper which included making meals for people.
  • In my spare time, I’d like to write children’s books.  And write adorable songs about how to brush your teeth for children’s morning TV.

Really, there’s so much to experience.  Even as crazy as that sounds.  It’s not that I don’t want to be responsible and flaky, I just want lots of new and wonderful experiences to further shape my character and outlook on life.

Being stuck is boring.  London’s great.  It’s given me a good amount of time outside of the walls at the CFA.  Plus it’s given me a good time to experience British politics as the Royal Mail is about to go on strike for the second time since I’ve been here and the MPs are not being accountable for their spending.

Right now my biggest problem is being depressed about going back to Boston.  Just the thought of it makes me miserable.  I’m looking forward to taking some business classes and doing the pre-reqs for many of the masters programs I am looking at.  Using my brain!  I miss it.

It’s not to say that music majors don’t use their brain, I just feel like my life isn’t being fulfilled to the fullest.  Well, not right now as right now is fine, but back at BU.

I am really looking forward to going back to work.  I miss working.  Lots.  And I miss the BUTI bunch.  And when I say “BU”, it does not include “BUTI”.  Separate things.

I’ve also taken up reading Sophie Kinsella since I’ve been here.  That’s been a good thing.  I like reading.  I don’t like reading poorly written too chickishly chick books.

I’ve also taken up dressing like a young woman while I’ve been here.  Not dressing in sequined leggings, though I did see some at an otherwise tasteful store, but investing in nice pieces of clothing that can be worn for years.   I’ve never had to really have a winter (or fall) as Texas basically has two seasons: hot and moderately chilly.  For hot, you wear shorts.  For moderately chilly, you wear a jacket.

I’ve also taken up running/jogging since I’ve been here.  Daniel has too and I’m really proud of him for that.  I’m not sure when to call it “running” and when to call it “jogging”.  To me, “running” is what Usain Bolt does.  I am not Usain Bolt.  I have a 28″ inseam and am not built for speed.  Tomorrow is “running” day.  (or is it jogging day?)

Tomorrow is also the National Brass Band Championships at Royal Albert Hall.  I think are tickets are on the 6th row.  That’s exciting.  If you’re only going to be there once, be there.

Sunday is the International Strong Man Championships at Wembley Arena.  I won the tickets from Time Out.  I’m really excited to see it as I’ve always liked watching them on TV.  That and the Woodsman’s Challenge where they chop their way up the tree, have races as to who can chop the tree down fastest, log runs in the river, outdoors-y things.  Daniel is excited to go, I think?

I guess I should go be productive.  I need to find a cute scarf.  Fleece isn’t attractive, but it is functional.  And I don’t anything that functional right now.  I also need to practice and work on theory homework.  Shopping for a scarf sounds much more exciting, but then I have to put on shoes.  Gross.  But it is sunny outside, so maybe that idea has potential.