P&R week.

by courtneyanddaniel

Preparation and Research week? Pssh.  Who prepares and researches in college?  We get a week off.  Call it fall break.  Call it having to do less than you already have to when school is in session.  Don’t call it “preparation and research week”.

Granny and Popo are flying in tomorrow morning!  They have an awful 10 hour flight from Houston, but they’ll be here tomorrow morning!  Daniel and I’ll be getting up early to pick up some pastries and head to Heathrow to get them, all before our 10 AM rehearsal.  We also have a bag of British goodies prepared for them, shhh, don’t tell, it’s a surprise!

Daniel and I just got back from a lovely Hyde Park run/jog/workout/thinger.  It was such a beautiful fall morning despite the grey and wetness that is London.  The leaves on all of the huge trees have changed color and have the ability to brighten even the most depressing moods.  The combination of running through huge green, yellow, orange, red, brown trees and the damp grass and watching the adorable dogs chase squirrels up the trees and send pigeons flying is the best.  Why isn’t there a beautiful space like this in Boston?!  But we’re not going to talk about that.  We’re going to talk about getting ready for today’s fun fun fun (not) rehearsal and having a great day!

Daniel and I have made much improvement in our run/jog/workout thinger since we started about a month and a half ago.  For two out of shape people, who aren’t so out of shape anymore, I’m proud of us!

I’m going get a shower because I’m pretty sure you can smell me through the text I’m writing.  Eww.