Consinder your Thanksgiving Feast…

by courtneyanddaniel

So this year, as we approach our annual day of giving thanks, I know the world is full of fretters as I just flipped through the most recent addition of Better Homes and Gardens.  Seriously, anyone getting cooking tips from a magazine about homes and gardens needs help.  Why not try a cooking journal, either in print or online?  Or, I’m sure, the Food Network will soon be bombarding you with a plethora of shows on how to make a turkey.

This year, it’s different for me.  It’s my first Thanksgiving where I’m a the helm of the ship.  That means, if I don’t want want to make or consume cranberry sauce, I don’t have to make or consume cranberry sauce.

Last night Granny and Popo left after their 9-day London adventure.  We covered lots of turf, leaving no time for cooking, or eating for that matter.  Daniel and I currently have in our fridge ketchup, gherkins, bacon, and potatoes.  Except the potatoes were in a bag under my bed in the dark.  And this was last night.

Not wanting to make the trek to Sainbury’s, we commenced in the preparing and consuming of the most epic mashed potatoes.  And now, you, my faithful (or…not…) blog reader, I will share my secret to our epic mashed potatoes.  Not those lame ones that I’m sure make it to the table everywhere in America on the fourth Thursday of November.

  1. Collect 3 large baking potatoes from underneath your bed.
  2. Take them to the kitchen and scrub them under cold water.
  3. Give them names and take out your stress by poking them with a fork so they don’t explode.
  4. Bake them in the oven until they are ready to be consumed.
  5. Once they’ve reached the perfect fluffy inside, crunchy outside texture, remove the some of the skins and eat those while you crumble the potatoes (not too crumbly).
  6. Drop the potatoes into some milk and butter heating on the stove.  Mix and mash as you go with a fork (but not too mashy!)
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention, you’re also cooking in a skillet a package of lean bacon, a small onion, and a scoop of garlic.  Once this is done, add it to the potatoes.
  8. And add a few chunks of extra sharp cheddar and mix until melted.

Perfect mashed potatoes.

More Thanksgiving recipes to follow.