The internet is so slow I could have sent a letter via Royal Mail and would have gotten to you quicker.

by courtneyanddaniel

That’s right.  Crofton internet is officially slower than the Royal Mail.  Which is pretty bad considering they’re on strike.

Seriously ridiculous.  Stop it with the whole one IP address and get some serious working technology.

I’ve been preparing for summer internships all day today.  Where do I want to be? Colorado? Massachusetts? Texas? DC area?  Do I want to get paid? Yes, but does the experience outweigh not getting paid?  Am I qualified enough?  Do I need to get a power suit so I am qualified?

I’ll be heading to the Woodhouse Centre sometime this week to receive some advice on my CV and covering letter.  Both have been revised about 90 bajillion times, but I want to be sure!  I’m at the crossroads of asking everyone I see and not wanting 90 bajillion opinions.  I just want 1 right opinion that is going to land me 1 great job.

Daniel and I are trying to participate in the same festival this year, too.  Not really that difficult, but we’re having to agree!  You know, pukey relationship stuff.

In all honesty, I don’t know why I’m stressing so much.  I’m not even sure it’s stress or just pure excitement.  Maybe it’s both?  I know I do what I do well, but how many people do what I do better than how I do it?

In other news, I burnt my thumb on the fondue pot (which was a sauce pan) last night.  Now my thumb is burnt and dried out and it hurts.  And my eye is pink tonight.  Conjunctivitis?  I hope not, but it would be a good way of getting out of my theory homework, I suppose.

No running today.  Daniel is still suffering from a sore throat.  Plus it was mildly wintry outside today.  Sure, it was only 50 degrees, but then we had constant wind at 16 MPH plus gusts.  It blew most of the leaves out of the trees outside my window.  I’m going to miss my privacy screen!

I think the only thing I’m not going to miss when I leave here (which is in about 6 weeks) is the price of groceries.  I’m thinking about eating, err, I don’t know.  Something that comes in bulk cheaply for the next 6 weeks.  Oatmeal.  Steaks.  Maybe steaks in bulk are cheap.  Anyways, I’m tired of spending money on food.

Tonight I cut out cat pictures from Better Homes & Gardens.  I sticky tacked them to my wardrobe.  Now Morris stares at me all night.  That’s much better than Uncle Ben staring at me as I had torn out another picture on the reverse which happened to line up with his picture.  He’s a creepy guy when he’s just sitting there on your bed staring at you.  I don’t think I’d be comfortable with Uncle Ben being posted anywhere in my room.

I think that’s all for now.  I’m going to curl up with my book and sleep on my CV for the night.  I just want an awesome career.  I miss my BUTI bunch.  So very much.  I can’t wait to get back to working with them.  You have no idea.