I saw Royalty!

by courtneyanddaniel

So here I am, sitting on my bed, plowing my field on farmville as I have just gotten out of the shower when I hear horses hooves.  This isn’t unusual as a whole bunch of horses trot by at about 7:45 every morning.  What I did think was unusual was that it was 11:45 in the morning and there were horses.

I peeked out my window and guess what I see… two royal carriages approaching and a royal Rolls Royce!  There was a woman in a hat (she had red-ish hair that was kind of long).  She went to the door of the Bulgarian Embassy and picked up a couple.  They all got back in the carriage and left.  The second carriage had two people in it.  Clearly not as important as the Brits (who didn’t have cameras 5 seconds before) didn’t have their cameras whipped out on them.  The Royal Rolls Royce had someone seated in the back, but it wasn’t the queen.

Me, being in a towel, quickly found my iPhone and took pictures out my window, then got my camera camera out and took more pictures.  It was pretty exciting!  Maybe they’ll bring the Bulgarian people back tonight, too!

Exciting, huh?

It’s such a nice day outside.  I really want to be out and not in but I really need to be doing some work.  Boooo.

Lunch. Productivity. Rehearsal. Dinner. Practice. Read. Sleep.