Today is Thursday.

by courtneyanddaniel

Today is Thursday and I am tired.  I need to find some decaffeinated tea bags.  I’ve found the best way to drink tea in Britain: put 3 bags of British Breakfast Tea in a pickle jar, add boiling water, put the lid on, and stick it in the fridge until cold.  Except I’m drinking it like there is no caffeine.  Poor choice of actions.

On the bright side, it does let me stay up later so I can read.  I’ve officially finished five books while being in the UK:

  • Confessions of  a Shopaholic
  • Shopaholic takes Manhattan
  • Shopaholic Ties the Knot
  • Undomestic Goddess
  • Remember Me?

All by Sophie Kinsella.  Now I just have to locate the other 2 books in the Shopaholic series.  I think they’re in the Chelsea Library.  It’s just a mile each way.  Booo.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my resume and cover letter lately.  I’m taking full advantage of the Woodhouse Centre (for Professional Development) at RCM while I’m here.  I send them these things, they tell me what’s wrong, I improve.  I love it.

Anyways, it’s 10 and I’m still in my pyjamas (as they’re called here).  Perhaps I should make a move for dressed and functioning human being.  But it’s sooo hard to do when you don’t have to be anywhere until 6:45…tonight….