It’s a lovely day today?

by courtneyanddaniel

Today was my busiest day in London thus far.  Amazing, considering I’ve been here since August 23.  I had conducting class from 9-11 this morning then rehearsal from 2-3:30 this afternoon.  Whoa.  That’s 3.5 hours of stuff!  Plus Daniel and I worked on conducting stuff together.

Daniel made awesome ‘dillas tonight.  We recycled our 2GBP rotisserie chicken (on sale!) and made it into “Mexican chicken” by sprinkling it with cumin, chili powder, and cayenne.  Hey, it’s the best I can do with only those spices and a few herbs.  Oh, and I squeezed a lime over the chicken too.  It was a great way to eat the dark meat because everyone knows dark meat is blech.  Plus I think this chicken really like to run because his dark meat was more like black meat.

Anyways, the ‘dillas were really good.  Daniel had found some equivalent of pepper jack the other day at the store (I was really thankful, he went all by himself) and we put that and sour cream and chicken on our ‘dillas.  Daniel enjoyed his with a side of homemade salsa.

This evening we went and practiced.  It was fairly enjoyable, actually.

So tomorrow we both have the day off so we’re going to go on an adventure.  I’d really like to go to Covent Garden tomorrow; there’s a bead store!  Yep, I think I might be going through a bead phase again.  This time, I actually want to get the right tools so I just don’t make lame bracelets.  I was watching how-to videos on YouTube.  I’ll probably only get beads here because I feel like you can buy stuff in the US too (and that way British Airways doesn’t chase you down for overweight luggage…sorry, spent all my money on beads, can’t pay your overweight charge!)

We’re also going to the London Brass concert tomorrow night.  Free wine and cheese afterwards!  And the concert is free, too.  That won’t take a cut into our 50GBP budget for food this week.  Daniel and I might be drunk rats coming out, but hey, we’ll be on budget.

I’ve also taken up eating clementines.  Not a clementine a day, but one every few days.  Rather filling.  I’m still enjoying my oatmeal Granny and Popo brought over for me in October.  They’re such breakfast-savers!  Goldie Locks clearly had no sense of taste eating porridge, nevermind it being too hot or too cold.

We’re also playing on this stupid Thanksgiving concert that BU is making us do.  I love it when organizations that have control over us go “oh, look, musicians! Let’s dress them up and make them play music…for free!”  We’re raising money for charity.  Really?  I’m playing a recital so BU can give money to charity?  It’s not that I have a problem with giving money to charity, it’s the fact that I’m being a trained monkey so someone else can give money to charity.  Maybe I should get a fez and bounce from side to side while the organ grinder throws more peanuts my way.

Okay, all for now.