Time flies when you’re having fun?

by courtneyanddaniel

Time flies when you’re having fun.  I suppose “fun” is a relative term.  “Fun” in this case means that you’ve figured out how to pass part of August, all of September, all of October, and most of November.  We only have 3 weeks left here.  That’s 21 days!

I’m not practicing right now.  Daniel is, though.  I had a looong lesson today and I have a lesson tomorrow, so trombone doesn’t interest me at the moment.

I also was attacked by the coffee table this morning.  I scraped the corner of the table between the bone and calf muscle.  I have a lovely red/purple/black/blue bruise now.  It’s one big hard lump.  It hurts to stand or walk on that leg so clearly I’ve been hopping around all day.

Nope, actually, no hopping.

I have 4 things to finish at RCM by the end of term. Jury. Theory portfolio (put 5 assignments that you’ve worked on this semester into a notebook.) Alexander Diary (write down a paragraph a day about your observations and uses of the Alexander Technique for 14 days.)  Jazz History paper (errr, haven’t looked at the syllabus on that one.)  Really.  That’s all.  Easiest semester of college, maybe even school, of my life.  BU paid for me to come to London and sight-see and practice and occasionally go to class.  Too bad they didn’t pay for food.

Tonight I made UK-Healthy-Dirty-Rice for supper.  Make 2 cups of brown rice in chicken broth (4 cups of broth).  Brown 1 LB of turkey mince.  Add some onions, jalapeno, bell pepper, celery, and parsley and cook until done.  Mix all together with some salt, pepper, and cayenne.  Yum yum.  Hey, it’s the best I can do.  All things considered, it was pretty good.

Yesterday Daniel and I saw Up! in 3D.  It is quite possibly the best movie ever.  We also went to Burger King (it’s still unhealthy and gross here, too.)

Yesterday was also my brother’s 15th birthday.  That makes me old.