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by courtneyanddaniel

Sorry, I’ve been pathetic at writing blog entries.  Daniel and I have been sharing a computer for 3 weeks now, I think.  It’s been so long I don’t even know.

Downside: Daniel and I have been working on the same assignments on the same computer.

Upside: The Apple Store is fixing more than originally planned.  When I took it to the store (3 weeks ago) they told me that they were just going to replace the LogicBoard. (Like I know what that is.  I just smiled and agreed since it was free.  I’m also assuming “LogicBoard” is one word because it’s one of those geeky things.)  Then Kiki, a nice American boy from the Apple Store, called last night and told me they saw a blue line that wasn’t always there in my screen so they went ahead and replaced the screen too.  Whoa, okay.  Then he asked me if I was aware that my case didn’t close and if I was aware of how much it was going to cost to replace.  I said I was aware but I could not afford anything more than free.  Soooo he said he was going to tag it as free.

Downside: I won’t have my computer back basically until I leave.  Friday afternoon, Saturday morning.

Upside: A happy computer.

Daniel and I are finished with all but one assignment for RCM.  And it’s an easy assignment.  We’ve been out later at night the past few nights so we’ve slept a little later.

Yesterday I went to Kensington High Street and Hyde Park.  I fed the pigeons raisin bran that had been in the kitchen since August.  It was fun.  I was the only one near the pond.  Then I had pigeons crawling all over my feet eating raisin bran (two scoops of raisins is not a thing in the UK).  Then one landed on my arm and was eating out of my hand.  Then another landed and they were having a pigeon cooing fight.  Then another landed and the first two attacked the third.  The second two eventually left.

My pigeon friend was very sad when I was out of raisin bran.  He flew away but then came back on my arm.  He walked up and sat on my shoulder.  I felt like a city pirate.  Or something.

Daniel and I are going to go feed the birds and do some other stuff?  Errands?  Sitting on the couch and watching Ugly Betty all day is probably not the best option.  Which is what I’m doing now.