An entry from September?

by courtneyanddaniel

So on a whim, I decided to get my hair cut. I left Daniel out on my own journey from Turnham Green to Hammersmith wanting just to explore the shops and neighborhood. I passed several hair cutting places but I decided not to go to the one in little Poland (which I’m pretty sure I passed through). I decided on a mid-range salon and luckily they had an appointment! Even the mid-range places here bring you tea, coffee, water, and chocolates here.

I’m sitting here with what I believe she called a clam. Not too sure why she called it a clam. It’s more like a convection oven really. It’s a rotating circle of heat going around my head.

I’d really like to change into my new pink dress to really surprise Daniel. But I have on red shoes. So either I have to find new shoes or not change. Even in the UK, red and pink don’t match.

My stylist was very helpful. And gorgeous. Why is everyone so gorgeous here?! They’re all born with the i-know-how-to-dress-myself-properly gene, something that Americans just dont have. I feel severely underdressed.

Anyways, after this I’m going to finish my journey to Hammersmith. Then I’m going to go to Waitrose and perhaps pick up a pizza. Daniel said he wanted to have a real pizza and I don’t think anything is not frozen at home. Plus we have another episode of Grey’s to watch.

Poor Daniel is sick. Hopefully he gets unsick soon, but I am sure enjoying my own day.