by courtneyanddaniel

I’m so tired of flying. Really. This is enough. I’m on a jetblue flight from Boston to Austin. There are about one dozen babies on board. And one dozen people over 70. The babies are better as they don’t pee all over the bathroom. Really, I love nice people of all ages, but little old men should sit to pee on airplanes.

I didn’t bring headphones either. More like I have no clue where my headphones are. I’ll have to get Daniel to find me some good headphones.

There’s a diaper being changed behind me. All of a sudden, there’s an awful smell.

Anyways, no headphones. Thankfully I’ve been able to find some shows that don’t require sound. Pink Panther and Looney Toons work great.

The man I’m sitting next to is a fuddy dud. I’ve tried to converse but he just groans. He also shut the window shade. Thankfully I’m in the aisle.

Popo is picking me up from the aeroport in his green truck. Then we’re going to What-a-burger. Or for you native Texans, Waterburger.

I can’t ever officially live not in Texas. I’d be so sad to have my pretty face on another state’s ID card.

So ready to be off this plane. Then I get another 2 hour drive. Score! Nope, no score.

But I get to see the dog! I’ve missed my dear Bee. I brought her a toy though!

150 Miles out says the pilot. About 30 minutes. Thank goodness. I kind of want to scream.

Must find a new show that doesn’t require sound…