Errr, hello blog, remember me?

by courtneyanddaniel

So today, Daniel and I had a fantastic date / general together time!  Believe it or not, it’s hard to come by these days.  I have class MTWR from 6-9 and he has class on F from 6-9, which means we see each other for lunch, dinner, and after 9 PM.

We’ve been together for three years now!  Yay!

Anyways, we went to Harvard Square (or Hah-vahd Yahd, for some of you) and wandered around.  We went to Cardullo’s and wandered around there for a bit.  Fantastic imports.  It’s like being in Europe, only…not…  Anyways, we found some hot ciocolotta mix on their bargain shelf, so we’ll try that when it’s a bit cooler.

After that, we ventured into Flat Patties, a cheap hamburger place that was fantastically delicious.  Burger + onion rings + vanilla shake all for $11.  Not bad for you, Boston.

We also came across a farmers’ market, though most of the vendors were already packing up to leave.  Nothing jumped out at us, as in, “OOO, BUY ME!” so nothing was bought.

Daniel also had planned wine and cheese so we had that.  Double Gloucester with chives and garlic, raw milk mild cheddar, and gouda, all from Trader Joe’s.  The first was fantastic, the second two are going to make a nommy macaroni and cheese.

Oh, and I also thought we needed to have dinner (?)

Poor idea.  I had a meatloaf (made with real Lea & Perrins, not that Stop n Shop stuff) already prepared in the fridge.  Into the oven it went.  Sauteed green beans in a dab of butter.  Daniel also opted for Trader Potater Tots over a fingerling potato mash.  They were quite yummy, yes, but a bit unorthodox for my classic meatloaf.  Oh, and ketchup.

Oh, and the cookies.  Daniel wanted warm cookies.  Trader Joe’s frozen cookie dough chunks.  Turns out, we prefer them raw.  Regardless, NO MORE OF THOSE FOR A WHILE otherwise I’m going to look like them.

So no more eating for a few days.